Post for Portuguese Speakers

For all of you who speak Portuguese (and we are not so little, as Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world), Julieta Leite, a friend architect working at Université René Descartes, is doing an online survey to collect data for her PhD research about cities. The survey does not ask for any personally identifiable information and will only take you 5 minutes to answer. So please, take some time to participate and to publicize it.
Thank you,

2 thoughts on “Post for Portuguese Speakers

  1. Bárbara

    De rien ma chérie. Bonne chance 🙂 Se entretanto tiveres o survey em inglês e/ou francês envia-me o link, sim? Eu posso depois colocar um texto mais alargado a explicar os obejctivos da tua investigação. Beijoca 🙂

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