Monash University

Families, Relationships, and Society (Undergraduate unit)

Global Consumption (Undergraduate unit)

University of Melbourne

Understanding Society (Undergraduate subject)

Digital Technology & Social Change (Undergraduate subject)

Social Research Design & Evaluation (Graduate subject)

University of Toronto

Empirical Research Methods for Computer Scientists (Graduate subject; co-taught with Professor Steve Easterbrook)

University of Lisbon

Sociology of Technology (Undergraduate subject)

Sociological Research Methods I (Undergraduate subject)

Sociology of Gender (Undergraduate subject)

Sociology: Object & Method (Undergraduate subject)

Contemporary Sociological Thought II (Graduate subject)

Digital media (Undergraduate subject, Media department)

Techniques & ICT (Graduate subject, Media department)

One thought on “TEACHING

  1. Hello Bárbara.
    I was tuned into God Forbid thismorning and listening to your conversation. I found it very engaging and it lead me to go googling to find out more about you.
    I am the project manager on a community engagement event called GRAN SLAM. It’s Slam Poetry workshops for seniors – bOLD seniors over 70.
    The 2019 outcomes and participants testamonies are certainly worth listening to.
    I have been shocked by the 2020 registrants responses to questions espeically the ‘tell us about you’ + ‘why are you doing this’. Responses like ‘I’m doing everything I can to live my best life’ + ‘I spent a life conforming and now I have a chance to do what I want’+’I need a challenge’ + ‘I need to use my brain before i loose my brain.’
    Anyway, i just wanted to share this project with you. Maybe you know some seniors across NSW + QLD that would benefit from getting involved. Oddly enough it’s not extended to the rest of Australia… NO IDEA WHY!
    Dont hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more.
    Thank you & Kind Regards.

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