Selected media appearances and contributions

Press & Online



ABC Op-ed “Older Australians are never disposable — not even during a pandemic“, August 29.

ABC Op-ed ‘The coronavirus is a disaster for lonely older Australians. We can help ease their pain in small ways’, April 6.

ABC Op-ed ‘During coronavirus, we need social sciences and humanities more than ever. This is why‘, May 1.

Monash Lens

Monash Lens ‘Counting the COVID-19 social cost: How people are faring in the pandemic – Laying bare how we treat older people’, May 5.

Monash Lens ‘Coronavirus: How COVID-19 is changing the world: A new appreciation for social connection’, April 15.


The AGE interview, ‘Should I or shouldn’t I? Navigating the end of lockdown‘, May 15.

Contacto interview, ‘Como vamos reaprender a socializar depois do COVID-19?’, May 14.



ABC God Forbid, ‘Confronting age prejudice‘, August 30.

ABC RN Breakfast, ‘COVID-19 and ageism’, May 7.

2GB, ‘How will our social connections change post covid-19’, April 18.

SBS Australia (in Portuguese), ‘Solidão, ansiedade e medo. Qual o impacto do coronavírus nos idosos imigrantes que vivem em lares na Austrália?’, April 28.



ABC News: ‘Anxiety, stress, and loneliness in the country since the start of COVID-19’ with Zoe Daniel, May 1.