My research has been featured in several media outlets around the world, including TV, radio, and press in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Australia.

Selected media appearances, features, and contributions below.


ABC RN Sydney (Radio Interview), Afternoons, Loneliness among older Victorians living alone during the pandemic, September.

Triple UFM (Radio Interview), Jane Richter Hour, Loneliness & COVID-19, September.

The Conversation (Op-ed), “I tell everyone I love being on my own, but I hate it’: what older Australians want you to know about loneliness“, September.

Community Care Review (Interview), “Technology can make older people more lonely“, September.

ABC Op-ed, “Technology can help with loneliness in later life, but it can also make it worse — here’s why“, September.

SBS, SBS on Demand, SBS VICELAND (TV Interview), “What Does Australia Really Think About Old People?”, August.

Monash Lens (Interview), “Un-neighbourly? Fear of crime among older people points to social isolation“, July.

Aged Care Insite (Interview for Article & Podcast), “Researchers collaborate with award-winning author to tell the story of chronic loneliness in aged care“, July.

ABC RN ‘The Minefield’ with Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens (Radio Interview), “Aged Care“, July.

The House of Wellness TV (TV Interview), ‘Loneliness & Ageism‘, June.

ABC Op-ed, “Ageism is a systemic problem in the Australian community”: COVID-19, the Royal Commission, and the crisis of aged care“, June.

SBS Portuguese (Interview for Article & Radio), “Pesquisa de socióloga portuguesa sobre a solidão de idosos em asilos inspira contos de escritora australiana premiada“, June.

Monash Lens Op-ed, “How storytelling is helping us better understand ageing and loneliness“, June.

Fronteiras XXI (Interview in Portuguese), “A tecnologia tem vários benefícios, mas não é a resposta para todos os problemas“, May.

The Age & The Sydney Morning Herald (Interview), ‘No more bingo!’ How creative writing is telling the true story of loneliness in old age“, May.

SBS (Interview), “Calls for more culturally appropriate aged care in Australia“, March 7.

The Guardian (Feature), “‘I am a people person. I want my family to visit’: stories of older Australian migrants during Covid”, February.

Revista Prevenir (Interview in Portuguese), “Como minimizar o impacto social da pandemia” (How to address the social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – loneliness and social connectedness), February.


Press & Online




  • ABC News: ‘Anxiety, stress, and loneliness in the country since the start of COVID-19’ with Zoe Daniel, May 1.