The Atlas of Cyberspace

A quick note to introduce a really interesting book:
The Atlas of Cyberspace (Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin, CASA) explores the spatial and visual nature of cyberspace and its infrastructure and traffic. It examines why and how cyberspace is being mapped, namely what new cartographic/visual techniques are being used to show the digital landscapes beyond our screen. But the authors go further and address the stories and motivations of each map.

It’s interesting to see that traditional/conventional maps, the same used to represent the real world, were first used, but soon we moved to new fascinating, abstract and innovative forms of representing the virtual world. In this sense, the science fiction and artistic ways of representation provide great imagery and ideas. The mapping conversations and communities chapter is simply delicious, it’s the “people-centered” information visualization part and shows from emails to game space mapping.

After collecting thousand of maps, the authors emphasize in their final thoughts that: there is no one true map of cyberspace. Welcome to the brave new world!

And the best is that you can get a free version of the Full book (PDF via CCC license) and enjoy the wonderful maps.

I love free sharable knowledge…Thanks Martin and Rob.

Chat Circles (Mapping chats)
Fernanda Viégas and Judith Donath, assisted by Joey Rozier,
Rodrigo Leroux and Matt Lee (Sociable Media Group, Media Lab, MIT).

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