Social Fabrics

Suggestion for Friday (if you’re in Dallas, if not you can have a look at their website):

The exhibition “Social Fabrics: Wearable + Media + Interconnectivity”.

It’s a time based exhibition designed as a modified runway show of art as wearable media and technology. Social Fabrics demonstrates convergences between individual expression and statement making, on the one hand, and the phenomenology of “network society” on the other. Technological garments or accessories with social capabilities are presented alongside works that, while perhaps not employing technology outright, comment or critique the implications of our digital media-infused and fashion driven lifestyles. Submissions are objects, (garments, handbags), systems (hardware, software), and, in a few cases, mini performances that interact in various ways with the event context. Artists included come from all over the United States and several countries abroad.

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