Exactly! Ora nem mais!

I’m sick and tired of people saying that women are not cut for some fields, namely engineering, physics, computer science, etc. Women hate math and everything that is too technical – they say. Women go to arts, humanities, and social sciences. And even though a large number of women are entering natural sciences, engineering, and other male-dominated fields, they are still a minority. Several factors explain it: socialization; gender roles; social structure; social networks; peer groups; education; and culture, to name a few. Here’s one of the reasons by fabulous Zack Weiner:

by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC), Zack Weiner

3 thoughts on “Exactly! Ora nem mais!

  1. Boa tarde, Barbara Neves
    Sou professor do seu irmão este ano lectivo e falou-me do seu blogue e pensou (e fez muito bem) que também a Barbara gostaria muito de conhecer e seguir o meu blogue também.

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