Social networking sites in Portugal

My online survey about hi5 and facebook usage in Portugal is closed. Thank you all! Muito obrigado! I’ve got 220 complete questionnaires. I’ll start the data analysis soon and then, I’ll conduct semi-structured interviews with Portuguese users. I’m extremely busy at the moment, with my PhD field work, so I’m not sure when the preliminary results will be available. I hope I can post all the results and the data set asap. All those interested in further analysis can use my database.

Here is a “blurb” of the project:
This study examines how social networking sites are affecting the lives of Portuguese users. Are social networking sites enhancing sociability and civic engagement? Or are they causing social isolation, addiction, and risk? To answer these questions, I’m conducting an exploratory study in Portugal. I had a survey online, which was answered by 220 users of hi5 and facebook – the most used social networking sites in Portugal. I’m also planning to conduct 30 semi-structured interviews soon. This project is funded by the Centre for Public Administration & Policies, ISCSP-UTL.. Self-funded.

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